Fine Payment Solutions

Traffic Citation Payment Service 

Court Solutions, which we market as, streamlines information processing and reduces physical traffic and call volume into traffic courts. The program saves private citizens time previously spent dealing with the traffic ticket payment process and empowers courts to accept credit card payments over the Internet to pay fines.


How does it work?
  • Court Solutions has built and maintains a court-specific website with specific traffic violation information searchable by violators preferring to pay online.
  • The traffic citation program provides for paying “non-must appear” tickets only.
  • All costs for development, hosting, application, processing, customer service, and merchant fees are underwritten by a nominal ‘user fee’ included in the payment transaction.
  • There is no cost or obligation on the part of the participating court or city for the benefits provided. We provide a voluntary “user pay” service.
How does the citation information get to the Internet?
  • Court Solutions receives a data upload from the specific court database on all open traffic citations by working with the court’s case management vendor or internal IT department.
  • Once uploaded, the information is stored on our secure Internet platform for access and payment by the offender.
  • Citations are searched by citation number or date of birth, and last name.
  • No user of the service has any direct access to the court computer, server, or database past the initial installation to extract data.
  • Violators are directed to the site directly through a link on the court website, phone system, or provided marketing materials to search for citations and complete the payment.
How does the court get notified and paid?
  • When a credit card payment is authorized, the court is instantly notified by e-mail and payment details are provided through the client portal.
  • Payments are deposited daily into a bank custodian account and distributed to the court by ACH transfer or check on a schedule compatible with the court’s accounting procedure.
  • Court Solutions also handles chargebacks.
Court Value Proposition
  • There are no upfront costs or “hidden” fees.
  • The court is empowered to accept credit card payments without the associated merchant fee processing charges and customer support requirements.
  • The service reduces physical traffic into the court which reduces security issues.
  • The service reduces account receivables as well as trial calendars.
  • It is a simple, effective solution to reduce administrative workloads.