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Sand Springs Municipal Court, OK
When I attend conferences I tell everyone about Court Solutions because I feel your company represents the best payment solution in the industry. Court Solutions has reduced our call volume considerably which has saved us a ton of time, not only in phone calls but in lightening our court docket. Your customer service representatives are very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with, both on our side and on behalf of our offenders. We love your service and encourage our colleagues to consider using Court Solutions as a quality electronic payment provider.
-Kenny Penrod   (918) 246-2612
Stratford Municipal Court, OK
Excellent service. Easy to use for both our staff and the offenders, plus Court Solutions sends us our funds so fast! We use your service for both citations and utilities and really appreciate your staff, thank you!
-Sharon Dobbs   (580) 759-2371
West Point Municipal Court, MS
Your customer service representatives are excellent! They are always friendly and eager to help us in any way they can. It’s nice when our citizens tell us they called the Court Solutions payment number and their call was answered by a live person who helped them with their payment. And your service has greatly increased our payments, especially from non-locals who can now make their payment online or by phone without having to come to court. Thanks to all you do!
-Monica McMillan   (662) 494-6386
Carnegie Municipal Court, OK
We love how easy the online payment service is for our defendants. And your call center is very professional, courteous and has greatly reduced our phone calls. I would recommend Court Solutions to anyone looking for an easier way to collect payments.
-Debbie Clinton   (580) 654-1004
Savanna Municipal Court, OK
Because our city is close to major highways, most of our violators are from out-of-state. Before using Court Solutions, our outstanding payments were extremely high. After we started using your service, our outstanding payments were reduced by nearly 120%!! We immediately saw an increase in payments because your service is a convenient way for out-of-state offenders to pay their fines. Also, when both local and out-of-state offenders call us, we give them your phone number and they are pleasantly surprised when they reach a real, LIVE customer service representative! Since our staff does not speak Spanish, your bilingual representatives really help us with collecting payments. We love you guys and I recommend Court Solutions whenever I have the opportunity, especially at conferences. We wouldn’t trade your service for anything!
-Jody Wilkett   (918) 548-3332
Fort Smith District Court, AR
I was somewhat skeptical about using an electronic payment system, but now I am extremely pleased with Court Solutions. Your staff is always cordial and a pleasure to work with. We also don’t have any problem with auditors, they review our records and are very satisfied with your service. And your charitable program has helped fund charities in our community who desperately need financial support.
-Rachel Sims   (479) 784-2420
Chouteau Municipal Court, OK
Your service saves me so much time because we no longer spend half our day answering phone calls. We also have fewer people in line which also helps us manage our day more efficiently. The payment confirmation notices help us with our end of day reporting and our citizens also appreciate the notices because they know their payment has been processed.
-Nancy Suda   (918) 476-5328
Kiowa Municipal Court, OK
We used to take payments through the mail or in person. We also accepted credit card payments over the phone which took so much time that we had to shut down our office at 3:00 in order to have enough time to input all the information. Around five years ago my son received a citation, so I called the number that came with the ticket and spoke with Court Solutions. They were extremely nice and very helpful. I asked them if they could take credit card payments for our court and as soon as we started, our payments increased immediately. It has really reduced our workload because the officer gives the offender Court Solution’s phone number and website for payment. Plus your live call center handles a lot of Spanish calls for us. The service saves us so much time we can get our end of day work done and I can finally leave work on time!! We’ve been using Court Solutions for nearly five years and I will tell you it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
-Mary Powell   (918) 432-6244
Hope District Court, AR
Very happy with Court Solutions. We hand out your payment information to our police officers and post them in our lobby. This has really cut down on our number of phone calls, and people who do come into court just call the phone number on the sign which connects them with a Court Solutions representative. Your charity program is wonderful and we have used it to provide help to our local charities.
-Sherri Rateliff   (870) 777-2525
Calera Municipal Court, OK
We weren’t sure about switching to Court Solutions but I am glad we did. It costs our court nothing to process credit card payments which saves us a lot of money. The offender still has the option of paying their fine through Court Solutions or coming to court, but almost all of them use your service because it’s so easy and convenient. And your customer service people are very nice and wonderful to work with.
-Carmen Young   (580) 434-5420
Big Cabin Municipal Court, OK
We love your service and your people. Your customer service team is like family to me, I feel like Angel and Cindy are some of my best friends. They’re so friendly and helpful and I really appreciate everyone in your company. Michael set us up with a machine to take card payments here at the court and it runs excellent. We also appreciate the notes you send us each month, we have them pinned up on our wall so that people who come into court can feel inspired by the messages. Court Solutions genuinely cares about their customers and also the offenders and that means a lot to us. Thank you for your wonderful service.
-Rita Moore   (918) 783-5912

Okeene Municipal Court, OK

Your service has significantly reduced delinquent payments from out-of-state offenders as they can easily pay their fine using a credit card, either on your website or by calling your customer service representatives. Even our locals like the convenience of paying with a credit card which saves them from mailing a check or driving to the courthouse. We wouldn’t trade your service for anything!
-Susan Rauh   (580) 822-3035
Waurika Municipal Court, OK
I appreciate Court Solutions, your customer service is excellent and you make it easy for out-of-state violators to pay their citations. Once payments are made, we are instantly notified that the transaction was completed, which our staff really appreciates. Thanks for all you do!
-Jessica Coody   (580) 228-2713
Nowata Municipal Court, OK
Your service makes our job so easy! And we’ve received no complaints from offenders, in fact, some of our locals have commented on how friendly and helpful your call center representatives are. We are starting to use digiTICKET next week and are very excited about that because we have heard it increases the number of payments, which means we don’t have to waste time chasing delinquent fines. All I can say is we absolutely enjoy working with Court Solutions!
-Shelby Limon   (918) 273-3538
Goldsby Municipal Court, OK
We absolutely love your service! We especially appreciate your live customer service representatives taking payment calls which frees up so much time for our staff. Plus, your representatives have really helped cut down on fraudulent payments, in fact just last week they were able to detect a fraudulent card issue and brought it to our attention. They do such a great job we feel they are an extension of our staff!
-Kristi Kilcrease   (405) 288-6675